I’m not that girl…

I’m not that girl…


On time

Dressed and put together… even at the local market

Home made meals everyday

Laundry done daily

Homework checked

Activities perfectly scheduled

Size negative 0

House spotless

Tight | Rigid | Squeezed


I am this girl…


As on time as I can be

I’m a little messy

Home made meals when I can get the time

Clean underwear at least

Working on my homework

Receiving extra texts about kids activities

House is “lived in”

Not sure size

Tired | Happy | Alive


I am not perfect, but I am perfectly happy living in my chaotic life. I am not looking for your approval. I am not a model or superstar, but my heart and soul are so full of love and life that not being that girl is actually ok with me.



1 thought on “I’m not that girl…

  1. Great post, Tracey!

    Do you have any time in your super busy schedule to make another wonderful presentation to my Athletic Performance and Nutrition class at Indian Hill High School? I hope so!

    Dale Haarman


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