I’m not that girl…

I’m not that girl…


On time

Dressed and put together… even at the local market

Home made meals everyday

Laundry done daily

Homework checked

Activities perfectly scheduled

Size negative 0

House spotless

Tight | Rigid | Squeezed


I am this girl…


As on time as I can be

I’m a little messy

Home made meals when I can get the time

Clean underwear at least

Working on my homework

Receiving extra texts about kids activities

House is “lived in”

Not sure size

Tired | Happy | Alive


I am not perfect, but I am perfectly happy living in my chaotic life. I am not looking for your approval. I am not a model or superstar, but my heart and soul are so full of love and life that not being that girl is actually ok with me.



The “Goal”-set mind…

The pressure of the New Year, new goals, new weight, new you, are extremely overwhelming, and actually exhausting. When it doesn’t transform as quickly as we think, the new you becomes discouraged and then it goes back to what wasn’t new previously, and the disappointment is very palpable. A cycle that if not broken, tends to keep up feeling broken.

Let’s not set that expectation of “new” so beyond our scope of belief. Lets make the mindset in evolution of reflecting about the past yet evolving into the present and live now.


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We all have goals and setting a goal is amazing. Here is the thing though, goals have expectations and sometimes it’s not the goal that is overwhelming, it’s the expectation that can be blurred into a warped reality that isn’t reality at all. Whew, that’s a mouthful let alone a thought that can be hard to grasp.

Evolving into your best has many aspects and with so many they can not be done all at once. Taking it one step at a time and enjoying the transforming adventure, makes the goals not an end piece, but a journey of living and being present in your own chapter in this life.


Make your goals, write them down, be creative, be present and enjoy the ride. Forgive yourself if you wander, because that just may be a detour.

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