The Carb Complex…

The Carb Complex…

High carb, low carb, no carb, carb loading…


Which way is a girl to go?


The dreaded thought that is either never talked about, or talked about how to avoid it! So, lets talk carbs!

Carbohydrates are the fuel or gas per say that you ingest or put in your car to have energy to go from one place to another or one activity to the other. With that being said take a step back and let that sink in.

Having a hard time wrapping that around your head, go grab a snack (nuts, seeds, grains, greens, fruits or vegetables) then come back.


Okay, now that you can focus, let’s get back to it. Carbohydrates are fuel not only for your muscles, but your BRAIN! Your brain uses complex carbohydrates to maintain focus and to think and to keep you safe! Now I said it. Complex Carbohydrate. So now that I said it, let’s break it down. Simply put you can breakdown carbohydrates into 2 categories, “simple” and “complex”

SIMPLE                                                           COMPLEX

White bread                                                              Whole grains

White pasta                                                               Nuts

White flour                                                                Seeds

Sugary cereal                                                            Legumes

Candy                                                                         Leafy greens

Soda                                                                            Fruits

Refined or processed versions                             Vegetables




While both are broken down and used for energy, the simple version does not have the fiber or vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain function. With the simple form you will get a boost, but then quickly crash and need another “fix” to feel the same energy and focus, and if you are not eating “carbs” at all, your body is sluggish, tired, over stimulated yet unmotivated and concentrating on something will take forever, let alone if you are running on a treadmill or have heavy weights above your head.


Real, whole food is essential for your best potential. Forbidding an entire food group isn’t the answer. Empowering yourself to enjoy  your food and creating  a wonderful new relationship is a recipe for success.