The Relationship of a Lifetime

As a mom, you I am sure are like me in that you will do anything for your kids to have the best life ever! You sacrifice all that you are when they are born just for them to survive.  As time goes on you readjust your life to make sure they are happy and healthy and hitting milestone after milestone.  These little beings have all the love and support in the world


We teach them the ABC’s and 123’s, we enroll them in dance classes or take them to ball practice and run around daily keeping them busy and learning everything!  Then on the way home we just settle for whatever nourishment is closest and fastest.  Leaving the impression that food is just food and as long as you get something to eat, you will be fine.


What if we redirected that relationship and made it more powerful for them.  Intriguing them with wonderful aromas, having even more energy than they already had and challenging them to notice how good they feel, not only with their bodies, but with their minds and their entire being.  Introducing quality protein for their brains and body!  Encouraging complex carbohydrates that will also feed their brain and have so much clarity, they make it through their day making amazing decisions!  Respecting the relationship that they have with food will last a lifetime!

Here are just a few mood elevating foods that are not just for adults!

Blueberries… introducing them through going and picking them, to showing how cool the color can change from blue to purple.  These sweet little cuties pack a powerful punch of antioxidants and the anthocyanin’s which color the berries, delivers nutrient dense health benefits.

Walnuts… as with any nut/food these days, make sure there isn’t an allergy.  Walnuts are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are the “good” fats that we want!  They decrease depression and anxiety, sharpen our focus, and help with regulating our moods.

Spinach…this leafy green is amazing!  This complex carbohydrate has iron, protein, vitamins and minerals.  Can be a fun way to introduce carbohydrates that are not the white, starchy, sugary kind.  And its fun to eat with your fingers!

Quinoa… this little protein goes a long way in growth and repair.  Replace white rice with this wonder of wonders.  Adding some of their favorite flavors with the quinoa is another way to include their decisions.

Honey… real, authentic, sweet for any oatmeal or snack.  White sugar is linked to cancer, obesity, depression and many other health hazards.  Educating about sugar addiction will save lives

images1The relationship of a lifetime.

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